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Our Newest Newport Beach Vacation Rentals

Welcome to the Newport Beach block!Our vacation rental inventory has grown and we wantyouto be the first to know. From Balboa Island, to Corona Del Mar, to the Balboa Peninsula, whatever type of vacation rental you're looking for we have it...and more. View our Newport Beach vacation rentals . Our expert reservation team offersContinue reading

Published on Thursday, November 3, 2022

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The Famously Festive Christmas Boat Parade in Newport Beach is a Must-See

The Newport Beach Christmas Boat parade is one of Newport's biggest claim to fames and draws spectator from near and far. It's back for another fabulous and festive year featuring the theme "jingle on the waves."The parade starts December 15 and goes through Decemer 19, 2020 from 6:30pm - 9pm each night.Thursday, Friday, and Saturday areContinue reading

Published on Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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What Exactly is a Security Deposit and What Does it Mean for Renters?

As a renter, after finding a place to live, it's important to understand everything you agreed to in your lease including the security deposit. Balboa Realty is to discuss what a security deposit is and why it may or may not be returned in full to you.Have questions about buying, selling, or renting in Newport Beach? Give our Balboa Realty teamContinue reading

Published on Thursday, August 12, 2021

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Private Surf Lessons in Newport Beach

My name is John Bruder. I am a private surf instructor who has over two years of teaching experience. My mission is to provide a unique surf experience for all surfers, from beginners to advanced. Surfing is exciting and life-changing, so I make it my duty to ensure a thrilling and enjoyable experience. I would love to share the love I have forContinue reading

Published on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Celebrate Your Mother in Newport Beach

Mother’s Day is almost here and what’s better than celebrating your wonderful Mother in Newport Beach? With endless things to do, you will have the opportunity to create an itinerary just how your Mom would like it. Dedicate a day, weekend, week, or longer all to your mom and stay in one of our Newport Beach vacation rentals . Need help planningContinue reading

Published on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Travel Light With Our Packing Tips For Your Next Trip to Newport Beach

As you get ready for your next trip to Newport Beach, packing is often one of the most dreaded things to your to-do list, but knowing paradise is on the other side makes it all worth it. Whether you're driving or flying, keep it simple this year, and choose to travel with just carry-on luge. In this case, less is more. Carry-ons are spacious enough...Continue reading

Published on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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Take a bike ride on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach

Bike riding around Newport Beach is one of the best ways to get around. Not only does it save you the stress of trying to find a parking space, but it's great exercise and fun to cruise along the oceanfront. Many of our Newport Beach vacation rentals have bikes for you to use or you can rent bikes at 20th Street Bikes on Balboa PeninsulaContinue reading

Published on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

4 Fun & Inexpensive Things to do on Valentine's Day in Newport Beach

Do you feel the love in the ocean air? Make this Valentine's Day a little extra special with your loved one, family, or group of friends, and start planning your trip to Newport Beach !There's no better way to show your partner just how much they mean to you than with a romantic getaway. Soak up some sun, sand, and cupid's loveContinue reading

Published on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Answers To Frequently-Asked Home Insurance Questions Amid COVID-19

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives has been profound.The worldwide death toll is nearing two million, and the economic impact has been quite devastating as well.Amidst all this, it’s but normal to wonder about the effect COVID-19 is having on our existing insurance policies. For homeowners, the biggest concern pertains to their...Continue reading

Published on Friday, January 22, 2021

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Spend the Holiday Season in Newport Beach

As the sun sets on summer and we cruise into the holiday season, our Newport Beach Vacation Properties team wants to help make the end of the year extra special for you and your loved ones.2020 has been a year filled with ups and (way too many) downs to say the least, but there is still plenty of time to make joyous memories and soak up the bestContinue reading

Published on Friday, September 18, 2020

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Newport Beach Blog (2024)


Is it worth going to Newport Beach? ›

Explore Newport Beach

Part unspoiled nature, part manmade wonder and part luxury paradise, Newport Beach enchants every type of traveler to its glowing shores. Trendsetters flock to the shopping havens of open air Fashion Island, the seaside shops of Corona Del Mar and the new developments on Newport Coast.

Why is Newport Beach so popular? ›

With an abundance of water activities to offer, our waters are home to one of the largest pleasure-boat harbors in the world. In addition to our breathtaking landscape, we have world-class shopping, restaurants and hotels for visitors to enjoy.

Which is better, Newport Beach or Laguna Beach? ›

Beaches. If you're comparing the vast stretches of sand at Newport Beach vs. Laguna Beach, you'll find that the difference here is size. The gorgeous slivers of sand sitting below the cliffs of Laguna offer a unique atmosphere that is tough to beat if you're going for the views.

Where to start in Newport Beach? ›

Top Attractions in Newport Beach
  • Balboa Island Ferry. 1,948. Ferries. ...
  • Sherman Library & Gardens. 322. Nature & Wildlife Areas. ...
  • Balboa Island. 1,434. Islands. ...
  • Newport Beach. 1,466. Beaches. ...
  • Corona Del Mar State Beach. 286. Beaches. ...
  • Fashion Island. 653. Shopping Malls. ...
  • The Wedge. 326. Beaches. ...
  • Newport Beach Pier. 293.

What is the nicest part of Newport Beach? ›

6 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Newport Beach
  • Corona del Mar: Coastal Elegance. ...
  • Balboa Island: Quaint Tranquility. ...
  • Newport Coast: Exclusive Opulence. ...
  • Eastbluff: Family-Friendly Bliss. ...
  • Lido Isle: Nautical Paradise. ...
  • Dover Shores: Waterfront Bliss. ...
  • Unlock the Charm of Newport Beach Living with Mint Real Estate.

What is the best month to visit Newport Beach? ›

The best time to visit Newport Beach is between July and August, when the temperatures are ideal for swimming. However, if you want to beat the crowds, come in the winter when the surfing conditions are at their finest and it's the best time of year for spotting migrating whales.

Is Newport Beach wealthy? ›

Wealth in Newport Beach

While residents pride themselves primarily on community and their down-to-earth nature, the income brackets are significantly higher than the national average. The per capita income of the area in 2010, for example, was $86,586, which was nearly triple the national average of $27,589.

What is special about Newport Beach? ›

With the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, there are ten miles of extraordinary fishing, swimming, surfing, and aquatic sports activities. Ten distinct neighborhoods make up Newport Beach, each with its own unique personality, natural beauty and story to share.

Where do celebrities live in Orange County? ›

Star-Studded Sanctuaries: The Allure of Celebrity Homes in Orange...
  • The Oceanic Oasis – Kobe Bryant's Newport Coast Home.
  • The Hummingbird Nest – Gwen Stefani's Irvine Home.
  • The Sportsman's Sanctuary – Mike Trout's Newport Beach Mansion.
  • The Comedian's Castle – Jeff Dunham's Costa Mesa Home.

What is the vibe of Newport Beach? ›

Newport Beach, California: the beachy, archetypical Golden State destination. Newport Beach is likely what comes to mind when you close your eyes and daydream of California. It has those postcard-worthy views and miles-on-miles of pristine coastline.

Is Manhattan Beach or Newport Beach better? ›

Manhattan Beach was ranked as the nation's “best city to live” with Newport Beach No. 8, says one “livability” scorecard. 24/7 Wall St. compiled economic, demographic, health and safety stats to rank U.S. cities by affordability, economy, quality of life, and community.

What salary do you need to live in Newport Beach? ›

The cost of living in Newport Beach is 179% higher than than the national average. The national average salary is $56,310, so a good salary in Newport Beach is anything over $157,104 by this measure.

Can you swim in the ocean in Newport Beach? ›

Newport Beach prides itself on pristine California beaches with 10 miles of coastline for surfing, swimming, or sunbathing that easily rank among the best California beaches. Millions of people visit Newport Beach annually and enjoy the sand, pier, ocean, and boardwalk.

What famous house is in Newport Beach? ›

The Lovell Beach House is located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California. The building was completed in 1926 and is now recognized as one of the most important works by architect Rudolf Schindler, second only to the Schindler House, built four years earlier for his family as a show house and studio.

Is Newport worth seeing? ›

On the surface, Newport is what it appears to be: the glamorous “Sailing Capital of the World” with a new sailing museum to show for it. On the Narragansett Bay side, the harbor brims with America's Cup boats and celebrity yachts. On the Atlantic side, a rugged coastline with legendary surf and Gilded Age mansions.

Why is Newport so famous? ›

and the Mansions. Founded in 1639, Newport was one of the most important port cities in the North American British Colonies during the 18th century, with commerce that included the importation and sale of enslaved persons as well as manufactures such as whale-oil candles, rum and fine furniture.

Is Newport Beach expensive? ›

The median home price in Newport Beach is $3,575,000 with a median price per sqft of $1,472. The cost of living index for housing estimates the cost of housing in Newport Beach to be 252.7% of the national average. This makes it one of the most expensive cities in the US.

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