60% Off Old Navy Coupons & Promo Codes - Active June 2024 (2024)

Apparel Savings From Jordan Nishkian, Your Old Navy Deals Expert

Because I’m a regular shopper at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic, applying for a Navyist Rewards Mastercard was a no-brainer. Once approved, I unlocked a 30% discount on my first purchase using the card. I chose a cozy combination of a waffle-knit henley for $20, a trendy flannel shirt at $36.99, and an oversized sweatshirt for $36. Thanks to a limited-time sale at Old Navy, every item I purchased was already marked down an additional 30% at checkout. However, because Old Navy allows customers to stack discounts, I got them all for a grand total of 60% off, once I added my 30% welcome discount for new Navyist Rewards Mastercard cardholders. Even better, I now earn five reward points for every dollar spent at Old Navy and the entire Gap family of brands, which means I’ll rack up discounts on my future orders five times faster.

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Old Navy Flip-Flop Sale

Get the best deals on flip-flops, slides, slippers, and more by shopping Old Navy’s on-sale footwear. Score men’s faux-leather flip-flop sandals for 40% off, or take home a pair of women’s bow-tie slide sandals for less than $20. Plus, get Old Navy flip-flops for kids for only $4.99.

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More Ways to Get Old Navy Deals

Old Navy offers trendy basics for the whole family. Whether you’re shopping for swimwear deals or hunting for the perfect jeans, Old Navy pajamas, or work clothes, you’ll find plenty of chances to score amazing deals at Old Navy.

Act Fast on Hot Deals

Snap up some of Old Navy’s best deals by looking for items marked as “hot deals" on the brand’s website. These flash sales offer at least 50% or more off the latest styles, so don’t wait too long. Old Navy’s hot deals aren’t advertised online or in-store, so check back often to find these elusive savings opportunities.

Find Hidden Clearance Codes

Did you know Old Navy hides its best prices in plain sight? Keep an eye out for items with prices ending with a seven, such as $5.97. These items will be marked with orange stickers in store, and they represent the lowest prices you’re likely to find on a given item. Be sure to snag them, since they may not be restocked once they’re gone!

Shop Affiliated Brands

Leverage the power of Navyist Rewards to save online at any Gap-affiliated brands, including Athleta, Gap, and Banana Republic. If you’ve signed up for Navyist Rewards, Gap Rewards, or Banana Republic Rewards already, you’re all set. Shoppers can’t use Old Navy Super Cash across brands, but rewards cards — and their points — are interchangeable among Gap brands.

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Best Holiday Sales at Old Navy

  • Presidents Day Sales: Save up to 75% on clearance items and 30% on select styles during Old Navy's Presidents Day sale.
  • Valentine's Day Sales: Surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day with matching pajama sets for $12.97 each, as well as stylish lightweight dresses, the hottest loungewear, and trendy accessories from Old Navy.
  • Memorial Day Sales: Memorial Day sales at Old Navy typically include 50% off almost everything, including summer dresses, swimwear, and patriotic-themed clothing.
  • Mother's Day Sales: Shop stylish gifts for Mom including discounted nightgowns, pajamas, and accessories during Old Navy’s Mother's Day sale.
  • Father's Day Sales: Explore Old Navy’s Father’s Day sales for 20% off men's polos, graphic t-shirts, shorts, athletic gear, and other practical items for Dad.
  • Summer Sales: Enjoy summer discounts at Old Navy featuring up to 50% off sunny weather apparel like flip-flops, tank tops, and swimwear.
  • 4th of July Sales: Take up to 60% off patriotic apparel and summer accessories during Old Navy's 4th of July sale.
  • Back-to-School Sales: Save up to 40% on kids' clothing, footwear, and backpacks during the back-to-school sales event at Old Navy.
  • Labor Day Sales: Labor Day sales at Old Navy usually offer savings of up to 60% on denim jeans, fashionable sandals, and fall-chic casual wear.
  • Black Friday Sales: Stop by Old Navy's Black Friday sale for up to 50% off select jeans, outerwear, cozy loungewear, and more.
  • Cyber Monday Sales: Lock in your holiday savings with up to 50% sitewide and 80% off outerwear, kids' clothes, and casual apparel during Old Navy's Cyber Monday sale.
  • Christmas Sales: Cozy up to Old Navy’s end-of-year discounts with up to 50% off festive pajamas sets, sweaters, t-shirts, and matching holiday outfits during Old Navy's Christmas sale.
60% Off Old Navy Coupons & Promo Codes - Active June 2024 (2024)
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