25+ Valentine's Day Desserts - The Ultimate Decadent Recipes (2024)

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From truffles to tarts, cookies to cakes, here are 25+ Valentine’s Day desserts guaranteed to impress. Celebrate your loved one with a luxurious dessert, surprise your friends with a delightful snack, or treat yourself to your favorite sweet recipe!

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Table of Contents

  • The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes
  • It’s All About Chocolate
  • Beautiful Cakes
  • Cookies and Brownies
  • Other Delightful Desserts
  • Valentine’s Breakfast
  • Drinks for your Desserts
  • More Helpful Roundups

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Valentine’s Day seems to be all about rich chocolate and decadent desserts. Don’t you think? So in my ultimate list for this special occasion, I’ve added a lot of chocolate recipes. There are brownies with chocolate frosting, sweets with chocolate ganache, cakes dusted with cocoa, etc.

However, I’ve also included other amazing desserts that have berries or coconut, as well as Valentine’s Day breakfast and drink ideas!

Below is my list of the ultimate Valentine’s Day recipes. Choose your favorites from these selections:
Chocolate Desserts | Beautiful Cakes | Cookies and Brownies |
Other Delightful Desserts | Valentine’s Breakfast | Drinks for your Desserts

A lot of my recipes are easy to prepare and require mostly staple ingredients. For some of them, you don’t even have to turn the oven on. In any case, remember – it’s the thought that counts. Above all, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to add that special ingredient to your dessert – love!

It’s All About Chocolate

As I mentioned above, Valentine’s Day seems to be all about chocolate. Therefore, let’s dive in with my selection of delicious chocolate desserts!

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  • If you are into making your own chocolate that you can flavor and decorate, then why not try making one of these dark, white, or milk chocolate? I even have a recipe for white chocolate bark. You could top it with coconut flakes or nuts and make heart shapes too!
  • Homemade Filled Chocolates – these easy homemade chocolate candies can be a delicious gift for a loved one. They have a dark chocolate shell and lightly spiced chocolate nut filling (or the filling of your choice!).
  • Avocado Chocolate Mousse Cups – this mousse can be served in cups or as filled truffles. Either way, it’s a delicious vegan valentine treat for a romantic date!
  • Chocolate Cake – this is a rich, fudgy vegan, and gluten-free chocolate cake with an amazing chocolate frosting. In other words, it’s so delicious, anyone would love it!

Beautiful Cakes

These are some of my favorite Valentines day cake ideas. You can choose delicious cake recipes like chocolate, coconut, raspberry, or even red velvet!

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  • Red Velvet Cake – a light and fluffy red velvet cake, with a subtle cacao flavor and natural coloring. In short, anyone would be impressed! You can also make cake layers with strawberry buttercream.
  • Raspberry and Lemon Swiss Roll Cake. This Jelly roll cake is topped and filled with coconut whipped cream and simple raspberry preserve. Or transform it into a strawberry cake.
  • Pavlova Cake With Coconut Cream and Berries. This sweet and creamy meringue cake is topped with coconut whipped cream, strawberry whirl sauce, and berries!
  • – a delicious coconut and vanilla cake, filled with raspberry jam and topped with whipped coconut cream frosting. A delicious celebration cake!

Cookies and Brownies

These cookie and brownie recipes are a great way to share the occasion with your kids, friends, classmates, or even colleagues. Moreover, you can make a big batch of these valentines day treats. Shape them into hearts if wanted for a fun Valentine.

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  • Oeey Gooey Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies – a simple deliciously more-ish cookie recipe. They are thick, chewy, and super chocolatey – a cookie lover’s dream.
  • Chocolate Vanilla Pinwheel Cookies – soft, sweet, and beautiful old-fashioned swirl cookies – anyone would be happy to give these a try.
  • The Ultimate Indulgent Fudgy Brownies – these fudgy brownies are the ultimate, decadent, chocolatey, gooey brownies with a crisp and crackly top.
  • Fudgy No-bake Brownies – these no-bake brownies are rich, dense, and satisfying yet take just 15 minutes to prepare. Serve alone or top them with a creamy frosting!
  • Fudgy Peanut Butter Banana Brownies – these brownies are dense, fudgy, and packed with chocolaty flavor! Certainly, they are perfect to share on Valentine’s Day!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups – a mix between cookies and cupcakes, these bite-sized treats are perfect for hitting the spot for your sweet cravings!

Other Delightful Desserts

Here are some other beautiful and delicious desserts to surprise your loved one with.

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  • Hazelnut Truffles – these are a delicious, healthier vegan Ferrero Rocher-inspired snack! And, these simple no-bake bites only take minutes of hands-on prep!
  • If you are still not sure what Valentine’s Day dessert you want to make, I hope you can find some inspiration from all the other sweet recipes available on my blog. There are tarts, cheesecake, sugar cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and more.
  • And of course, you can also make quick and easy chocolate covered strawberries. Because the chocolate strawberry combo is the perfect Valentines dessert.

Valentine’s Breakfast

You don’t have to wait until evening to celebrate with a Valentine’s Day dessert. Start the day with one of these romantic delicious recipes.

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  • Pancake “Cake” – made from old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes with coconut cream frosting and berries. These pancakes take decadent to a new level!
  • Pink Dragonfruit Overnight Oats – a perfectly pink, meal-prep-friendly breakfast with pink dragonfruit. In other words, it is both beautiful and full of health benefits.
  • Brownie Batter Dip – this dip tastes like brownie batter and works amazingly as a spread for toast. Decorate with strawberries and voila – a lovely yummy breakfast!
  • Easy French Toast – a classic for any special occasion, this French toast has a slightly crisp outside and fluffy middle. Decorate with fresh berries and enjoy!

Drinks for your Desserts

Whether you want something warm and cozy or cold and refreshing, here are a few drinks that will bring the magic of Valentine’s Day to another level.

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  • A cup of hot chocolate is a great addition to any chocolate dessert. You can choose between this Simple Hot Cocoa Recipe or this White Hot Chocolate Recipe. Moreover, you can add mini marshmallows or shave chocolate on top to make it extra decadent!
  • Refreshing Blackberry Earl Grey Iced Tea – this is a super easy drink that’s sure to impress. Serve throughout the day or for your special Valentine’s dinner!
  • Fresh Raspberry Lemonade – a delicious sweet and tart drink that is super simple to make. Serve in a fancy co*cktail glass and enjoy!
  • Sweet Coconut Blue Milk – this coconut vanilla milk is sweet and soothing. It would be a great surprise for your sweetheart (especially if they are a Star Wars fan!).
  • Color-Changing Magic Lemonade – yes, you heard me right. This is magic lemonade. Perfect to enjoy on this special occasion!

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25+ Valentine's Day Desserts - The Ultimate Decadent Recipes (10)
25+ Valentine's Day Desserts - The Ultimate Decadent Recipes (11)

If you try any of these delicious dessert recipes, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions below. Also, feel free to tag me in your recipe recreations on Instagram@Alphafoodie!

25+ Valentine's Day Desserts - The Ultimate Decadent Recipes (2024)
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