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The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above Without anti-dilution protection, a subsequent share issue granting the shareholders' subscription rights would typically lead to such dilution in value
The automatic early redemption feature may significantly limit your potential return on the securities The new shares participate in profits from the beginning of the fiscal year in which they are created and for all subsequent fiscal years; in deviation hereof, the Administrative Board may, to the extent legally permissible, determine that the new shares participate in profits from the beginning of the fiscal year for which at the time of the exercise of the conversion or option rights, the fulfilment of the conversion or option obligations or the granting of shares instead of the amount due, a resolution by the General Meeting as to the appropriation of the balance sheet profit has not yet been passed

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Resolution on the decrease of the number of Administrative Board members In accordance with Art.

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Granting the power of attorney, its revocation and proof of the proxy authorization vis-à-vis the Company require, in principle, text form if neither an intermediary e
With regard to the Administrative Board members proposed for election, the following information is disclosed pursuant to Sec
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Nevertheless, in view of the frequently observed volatility on the stock markets, a market risk will persist for several days, which leads to uncertainty discounts when determining the conditions of the Bonds and therefore to non-market conditions
All terms in brackets are indicative only and will be set on the applicable pricing date CitiFirst operates across all asset classes meaning that underlying assets include equities, commodities, currencies, interest rates and alternative investments
Potential for Lower Comparable Yield – The effective yield on any investment may be less than that which would be payable on a conventional fixed-rate debt security of the same issuer with comparable maturity For this case, the Administrative Board shall be authorized to amend the Articles of Association with regard to the number of shares

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Page 16 of 28 bb Warrant and convertible bonds The Bonds will be divided into partial bonds
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Please refer to the relevant investment’s offering documents and related material s for additional information 24 CitiFirst Offerings Brochure November 2020 Investor Profile Investor Seeks: Investor Can Accept: A medium-term equity-linked investment A holding period of approximately five years A risk-adjusted equity complement The possibility of losing a significant portion of the principal amount invested The structured investments discussed herein are not suitable for all investors